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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost a wedding videographer in Toronto? 

Cost depends on the number of cameras used, therefore the number of staff on site, the amount of time to film, the length of the editing, etc. Some film companies charge a lot of money to film weddings and we are talking about price range between $4,000 up to $8,000. Still you can find less expensive prices in Ontario between $2,000 to $4,000. 

Our package includes filming of your wedding ceremony for just $800. 

How much does it cost a wedding photographer in Toronto? 

Again, cost varies for different reasons including hours to cover, if the photographer charges per photo (many still do), number of photographers on site, etc. Couples may expect to pay between $2,500 to $4,000 for a day worth of photos. 

Our package include a photo session for just $450 that we think covers a standard wedding ceremony which is, for couples, the most important part of their wedding day as many that are on a tight budget choose cellphone pictures for their reception.  Photos are taken of the couple and entourage entrance to the ceremony venue, during the ceremony and after the ceremony a special area is setup for photos of the couple with their family and guests. A very efficient and affordable way to have photos of your wedding day.

Why we charge so low compared to others?

We have cut to the minimun our filming costs by investing on full HD cameras that are pre-programmed and can stand-alone self-operated and remotely adjusted from a central position so we don't bring excesive number of people to film your wedding.  We also use special software to edit multi cameras and have created our special work flow that allows to be efficient on creating a final cut of your wedding video.  Being the actual ceremony the most important part of your wedding day, our package focus only on that moment, therefore we don't have to spend a lot of hours standing by through the day while charging you money that you could use for something else. We believe couples should not be left stretched on their budget for their wedding day with so many expenses to cover. 

What your sound service includes?

We provide sound for your ceremony with a complete wireless system of microphones with 2 speakers and a mixer for $250. The officiant will wear a special microphone that will allow him/her to move and speak hands-free.  Groom and bride will use special lav wireless microphones that will allow them to move freely through the ceremony.  This sound system will transmit directly to our mixer and from there we will record it digitally to be used in production of the final HD video.  The ceremony and your speeches will be loud and clear to your guests. 

Please note that we don't do DJ service. However we can play a music list that you have to prepare in advance and we can play it before, through and after the ceremony as you need. Most of our recent customers have relied on our sound service for their music during ceremony and also for reception party and they feel it was the right decision. They just tell us what music to play and we play it through our laptop and sound system.

Can you also film and photograph our reception?

If you want us to film your day completely from preparation up until the reception and closing, we can still do that. Talk to us and we can create custom package that meet your needs.

My budget is still not enough for your package, can you give us discount?

We run periodically some promotions and special discounts every month. When you contact us ask if we have a current promotion.

Any other questions you may have, feel free to contact us. 

** We are a professional company in Toronto with more than 10 years in the film industry and we keep very busy.  As we want to serve all of our customer requests, we reserve our right to turn down certain requests due to limited availability in our schedule or logistic limitations that will not allow us to fulfill your project successfully. 

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