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We offer a single all-inclusive package for your wedding ceremony that includes Video Production, Photo Session and Sound Service (not DJ service).

Cost: $1,400

Why we charge so low compared to others?

We have cut to the minimun our filming costs by investing on full HD cameras that are pre-programmed and can stand-alone self-operated and remotely adjusted from a central position so we don't bring excesive number of people to film your wedding.  We also use special software to edit multi cameras and have created our special work flow that allows to be efficient on creating a final cut of your wedding video.  Being the actual ceremony the most important part of your wedding day, our package focus only on that moment, therefore we don't have to spend a lot of hours standing by through the day while charging you money that you could use for something else. We believe couples should not be left stretched on their budget for their wedding day with so many expenses to cover. 

If your budget is restricted, you can choose to have only Video Production, without the sound service or without the Photo Session. See below individual cost for each of the services included and you customize our package

The full package we offer includes the following:

Video Production of Ceremony - $800

We film your wedding ceremony with multiple Full HD cameras positioned strategically during your wedding ceremony. We also record your speeches directly from the microphones and sound system we provide as part of this package (see Sound Service)

Usually wedding ceremonies last for about 45 minutes to 1 hour.  We arrive more than 1 hour earlier to plan the video shoot and details, but constant communication in advance are also part of the planning process to ensure we understand the location and how you want it to be filmed. A visit to the location days in advance can also be arranged if needed for an additional traveling fee.

The standard and simple filming approach is the following:

  • Entrance of entourage
  • Groom and bride entrance
  • Ceremony and vows
  • Kissing and final words
  • Exit of newly weds

The above is just a guide of how an standard ceremony is performed. However, you tell us how your ceremony will be and we will accomodate and diligently follow your instructions.

**If your ceremony will have a different format than above or it will be longer or perhaps you want us to film also your reception after your ceremony then talk to us and we can provide a further customized package for your needs

Photo Session - $450

We provide photos and images of your entrance, during the ceremony and of your exit. After the ceremony is finalized, we setup an special area for a photo session with all your guests. Unlike other companies, we don't charge per photo. The package includes unlimited photos.

Sound Service - $250

We provide sound for your ceremony with a wireless system of microphones with 2 speakers and a mixer. The officiant will wear a special microphone that will allow him/her to move and speak hands-free.  Groom and bride will use special lav wireless microphones, so they will be free to move through the ceremonyt.  This sound system will transmit directly to our mixer and from there we will record it digitally to be used in production of the final HD video.  The ceremony and your speeches will be loud and clear to your guests. 

Please note that we don't do DJ service. However we can play a music list that you have to prepare in advance and we can play it before, through and after the ceremony as you need.


To book and secure your date after we have a plan and a written agreement in place, Clixter Canada requires 40% advance payment. Then 40% payment the date of the wedding and the remaining 20% will be required to be paid before we release to you the final video and photos of your wedding.

If you have any additional question or special request, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to answer your questions.


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